Petition against development gets great support

A petition started by members of the Channel Island Co-operative Society has attracted great support from the public. Many touching stories and comments have been left by those who feel strongly about the proposed development in Dumaresq St and Pitt Street:

I have always shopped at the Co-op, it is my preferred supermarket as stocks local I am dismayed and saddened at the proposed plans to demolish the Dumaresq street buildings.......the Co-op has flourished in Jersey, people have shown support for the supermarket in hard times with the competition the company has had in the UK, in Jersey it has always done please hear the people of Jersey when they feel so strongly about the historical buildings in Dumaresq street, they are so quaint and it would be such a great loss to St. Helier to lose these......already much of the charm of St. Helier is being swallowed up by office buildings, so please dont add to many of the other 'greedy' developers who care of nothing short of their profit margin. You could do a fantastis thing by restoring these buildings in part of your plans.......the company cared about the 'Manchester buildings' so i ask you kindly to honour our Jersey heritage also.

The loss of these interesting buildings would be a tragedy. Time and time again heritage lead regeneration has proved its worth and the results are loved by those who live and work in historic quarters and visitors. Do the same here!

These buildings are 18th Century - nothing that is 250 years old should be destroyed and dumped in a land fill site. To add insult to injury the core of the proposed new building is an office block yet there are already consents to build hundreds of thousands of square feet of offices in St Helier already. We may need to stimulate the economy but bulldozing our heritage is no way to do it.

Pitt street is a very personal matter for me - F. Foot was actually my great Grandfather and I have memories of these shops with my Grandpa and his old wooden till and washing my hands in the old granite sink in the courtyard. My mother and Uncle have even more memories. It will truly be very upsetting to see these buildings demolished as they hold so many memories and are a real part of Jersey History. It's so important that we preserve the character of St Helier. I would love so much to see these shops to be restored which can still be used to house businesses in them - even a museum perhaps! It would be such a shortsighted decision and a permanent one! Once these building are gone, they're lost forever. Please don't knock these down

The Foot buildings, combined with similar characterful buildings opposite on Dumaresq St and Hue St represent one of the few "Jesey scale" urban environments remaining in St. Helier.

We should be retaining these old buildings and lovingly renovating them to create a picturesque corner of St Helier that we can be proud of. A big modern glass and concrete structures will do nothing to enhance the character and ambiance of the area.

Heritage and character must be preserved - castles and churches will always be safe - it's the ordinary buildings, the social history that is most endangered and there is precious little left.

It is clear that these buildings are early C19 at the latest, probably c.1830, and although the shop-fronts themselves are not of that period, the time should long have passed when buildings of this age and character are removed from St. Helier's townscape. Those of us who are lucky enough to live in Guernsey are always hearing visitors saying how they love the nineteenth-century streets of St. Peter Port, and there is all too little of this precise period remaining relatively untouched in St. Helier. For goodness' sake, make the most of it.

The Co-operative Bank and Channel Islands Co-operative Society Shops have an impressive ethical reputation, which is why I support them, and I would be dismayed if their values became degraded and they acted like other less ethical banks and shops.

Isn't it so pleasing to the eye to walk down a street with original buildings full of character and history, than to be confronted by souless glass tall buildings. So much of our past has been decimated over the years we cannot afford to lose what little is left of our heritage.

Are future generations to be restricted to looking at old photographs to imagine how this part of town once looked? Please think again - preserve these characterful buildings.

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